Teosyal Ultra Deep

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Teosyal Ultra Deep(2×1.2ml), injectable into the deep-dermal layer densest in the range thus accomplishing immediate volume-boost; best for restoring facial volumes, resculpting facial contours, deep wrinkles, erasing folds and restoring original curves.

Teosyal Ultra Deep is a transparent, non-pyrogenic, sterile, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid, visco-elastic gel of non-animal origin.


Teosyal Ultra Deep is a VOLUMIZER for volume creation in targeted regions. GENTLE REMODELING. RESTORE facial volumes. REMODEL the contours of the face. CORRECTING deep wrinkles on thick skin. With strong viscoelastic and cohesive properties, It is suitable for creating volume in targeted areas (cheekbones, chin …). It redefines the contours of the face and fills deep wrinkles for thick skin. Reconstructive surgery:  Filling of marks due to scars, reconstruction of volumes lost following reconstructive surgery, and lipoatrophy.

Teosyal Ultra Deep is a cross-linked, sterile, non-pyrogenic, transparent, visceral hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin. Each box contains one or two pre-filled syringes of it. For each syringe, the box contains two 25G1 “sterile needles and two stitches.

It is indicated for the increase of cheeks, cheekbones, and contours of the face. Correction of slight pores, for the filling of deep wrinkles of the face on thick skin.

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